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Basic functions of emulsion pump

Emulsion pump, also called spray head, emulsion nozzle, pressure type emulsion pump, quantitative liquid dispenser, etc., is used in Shampoo (milk), shower cream, conditioner, lotion, milk, cleansing cream, hand washing liquid, detergent, laundry detergent, toner, disinfectant, moisturizing oil, baby oil, essence, sunscreen, BB cream, foundation, and food packaging products. From the function and structure of the product, it can be divided into ordinary emulsion pump, vacuum emulsion pump, oil pump, bubble pump, spray pump, spring contact pump, and so on.
The working principle of the emulsion pump, from the concept of the tall, is Boyle's Law: the gas in the sealed container is inversely proportional to the pressure and volume of the gas at constant temperature. The formula is: p1V1 = P2V2. The popular understanding is: in the sealed container, the increase of volume leads to the decrease of pressure (suction / suction process), and the decrease of volume leads to the increase of pressure (discharge process).