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Disc top caps are a type of dispensing system

Disc Top Cap - Uses, Durability, and Affordability
Disc Top Caps are dispensing systems that provide accuracy when dispensing paints, body washes, and lotions. They are an affordable and durable option for dispensing liquids and pastes. You can find disc top dispensing systems in almost every aisle of your local grocery store. Read on to learn more about these devices. This article focuses on their uses, durability, and affordability. 
Disc top caps are a type of dispensing system
Disc top caps are great for products that need controlled dispensing without allowing consumers to re-close the cap. They are made of polypropylene and feature an orifice opening and inner threading for easy dispensing. These caps can be used with plastic bottles for a variety of applications. Some people may prefer disc top caps for liquids, such as shampoo and conditioner.
Disc top caps are typically used in the health and beauty industries, where they can be easily accessed. Disc top caps can be found in sizes ranging from 20mm to 28mm. Contact C.L. Smith today to find out which one is right for your needs! After all, these dispensing systems can be quite useful! They are easy to use, too! Whether it's lotion, cream, or makeup, a disc top cap can help you dispense the product quickly and accurately.
They are durable
If you're looking for the most durable bottle caps available, look no further than the durable disc top caps offered by C.L. Smith. Available in 20, 24, and 28 mm sizes, disc top caps provide a secure, leak-free closure. They're easy to open and close, and have been proven to be reliable, durable, and child-resistant. They're the perfect choice for many products in the health and beauty industries.
Disc top caps are useful for dispensing hair care, skin, and spa essentials. They feature a polypropylene construction, internal threading, and an orifice opening to allow for easy one-handed operation. Because of their durability, disc top caps are compatible with a variety of plastic bottles. While they're durable, they may not be the best choice for liquid products that are extremely thin.
They are an affordable option
These plastic disc top caps, also known as press top caps, can easily be opened with a light pressure. They feature a push-close lid to prevent spills and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and orifice sizes. They are ideal for on-the-go use, as they can be opened with only one hand. They come in black, white, and natural colors. You can use them for any number of applications and products, whether they're liquid soaps or household cleaners.
White smooth disc top caps can be used with bottles in the 24-410 series. They're perfect for gels or liquids of medium viscosity. Their press top function is reliable and makes dispense easy. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, try standard press top caps with ribbed openings and closures. For a more unique aesthetic, consider custom labeling.