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The Liquid Spray Pump can be used for a wide variety of applications

Liquid Spray Pump
A Liquid Spray Pump is an auxiliary device that can be used to spray a liquid product onto a surface. The device is composed of a plastic bottle 60 and a turret orifice insert 20 and 30. These components are connected by a thumb wheel 43, which is rotated from the wide spray position to the narrow spray position, which is designated "STYLE".
The wide spray orifice insert 30 aligns with the wide spray opening 47 on the push button 41. As the thumb wheel 43 is rotated in the direction of the arrow 1110, the trigger 70 located opposite the wide spray orifice 30 strikes the clicker 56 on the button 41. The resulting audible click indicates that the spray orifice has been selected. When the pump is in the closed position, the trigger will not be activated.
One application for a liquid spray pump is hair spray. A liquid spray pump with multiple orifices can be used to apply sunscreen, perfumes, and fragrances. In addition to the hair spray, the device can be used to dispense various types of products including sunscreens, medicines, and spray starches. The multiple orifices provide the user with flexibility to choose the precise amount of product to apply with each pump stroke.
A Liquid Spray Pump works by discharging the liquid at a predetermined pressure. The spray orifice prevents dribbling so the liquid discharges with atomized particles. Typically, liquids are stored in the bottle until they are needed, but this does not always work well for the application. It is important to choose a pump that works for your needs. The benefits of using a spray bottle pump are numerous.
The pump has a pressure regulator that consists of a valve and a spring. When the pressure is too high, the liquid will discharge toward a by-pass line. It can also be adjusted by a knob located on the actuator button 41. In addition, the push button can be actuated in either position if the user releases their finger force before the desired maximum stroke is reached. However, this will only reduce the amount of liquid that the pump can hold.
The Liquid Spray Pump can be used for a wide variety of applications. These pumps can be used for cleaning liquid, paint, and various other materials. Depending on the type of solution, they can be either manual or electronic. One-way valves are located between the pump and the reservoir. If there is a problem with the suction, the air pressure would drop, and the pump would not function properly. This is why a pump that has a manual or electronic switch can be used to set its spraying modes.
When selecting a sprayer pump, you have to keep in mind the application volume. There are two main types of pump: trigger sprayers and lotion pumps. The trigger sprayer has higher output capacity and requires more pressure, while the lotion pump produces a much lower output. This is why it is important to choose the correct one for your needs. So, what are the characteristics of a good trigger sprayer? The most important thing is that it's compatible with your product.

Disinfectant Fluid Trigger Pump 28-415


Kitchen cleaning、Garden watering、Disinfectant fluid 、Hand washing

Color: Any color can be customized

24/410 、24/415、28/400、28/410、28/415


Ribbed 、  Aluminum 、 UV 、 Bamboo

Material Types Use Characteristic Accept customization Country of origin Province Brand Model
PP/Alum/UV Pump Sprayer Bottles Non Spill Accept China Zhejiang Sunshine 28-410
Custom attributes
Neck size Closure Colour Tube length MOQ Sample Payment Delivery time Packing OEM/ODM
28/400 28/410 Smooth Ribber bamboo As you need Customized Tube 20,000 pcs Free T/T30% deposit 20-25 days 500pcs/ctn Acceptble