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A Liquid Dispenser Pump is a bottle with a nozzle for dispensing liquid products

What Is a Liquid Dispenser Pump?
A Liquid Dispenser Pump is a bottle with a nozzle for dispensing liquid products. This type of pump is often associated with cream-based solutions. The nozzle has a clean finish, and the cap keeps the product fresh and free from hardening around the centre hole. Liquid dispensers are great for face or body creams, suntan lotions, hand creams, hair products, and decreasing or greasing solutions.
There are two basic styles of liquid dispenser pumps. One style looks stylish while the other is more functional. The former type does not reveal the internal tube. Lock-down pumps are better suited for commercial applications. Both types can be programmed to disperse different liquids in varying volumes. For example, a lock-down liquid dispenser pump is suited for commercial uses, while a lock-up dispenser pump is best suited for domestic use.
Another type of liquid dispenser pump is a spray dispenser. Spray dispenser pumps are common in hair products and perfumes, but many other types of skin-applicable beauty supplies benefit from a pump dispenser. Although most of these products are packaged in generic tubes, hand pumps make a more convenient experience for the customer. The pump can be attached to any type of bottle, making it convenient to use in multiple applications. And because it is portable, dispensing liquids from a bottle is easy.
Another design of a liquid dispenser is one with a meter. The meter records the number of times the dispenser operates, allowing you to calculate how much liquid is being dispensed from a bottle. In one version, a mechanical counter is attached to the plunger. The striker is pressed with a glass or the rim of a bottle. A ridge surrounds the base of the sleeve, which prevents it from being removed.
A liquid dispenser with a meter dispensing measured volumes from bottles and other containers. Most often, these dispensers are used in bars and pubs, as they are especially convenient for serving bottles of liquor. A typical dispenser mounts on a bottle neck and contains a measuring chamber, as well as a plunger-like operating member that controls the flow of liquid into the measuring chamber and discharges it after the desired amount is dispensed.
Another type of dispenser has a detachable meter, which enables cleaning of the liquid dispenser without disturbing the actuating member. A spring-loaded projection protects the counter from accidental movement. In addition, a counter includes a sleeve that allows you to clean the plunger actuating member without having to remove the actuating member. If you have a dispenser with a meter, you may want to use one that has interlocking means to prevent accidental movement of the counter.