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  • Cleansing Mousse Washing Pump 30mm
  • Cleansing Mousse Washing Pump 30mm

Cleansing Mousse Washing Pump 30mm

Foam pump


Hand washing、Body washing、Cleansing mousse

Color: Any color can be customized



Smooth, Aluminum,  UV, Bamboo

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  • Material Type Use Characteristic Accept customization Country of origin Province Brand Model
    PP Pump sprayer Bottles Non Spill Accept China Zhejiang Sunshine SS-053
    Custom attributes
    Output Color Size MOQ Sample Payment Delivery time Tube length Packaging Packing
    0.3-0.75cc/T+/- Customized 28mm 30mm 40mm 42mm 20,000 pcs Free T/T 30% deposit 20-25 days Customized Tube 500-800pcs/ctn Carton Box

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Ningbo Sunshine Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is well known OEM/ODM Cleansing Mousse Washing Pump 30mm suppliers. Our company also specializing in the production and processing of lotion pumps, perfume nozzles and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.

The integrity, strength and product quality of Ningbo Shaoshuai Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business. Our products almost cover the whole daily chemical packaging, including daily necessities, cosmetics packaging, beauty, sanitation washing, medical, garden greening and other industries. Sourcing Cleansing Mousse Washing Pump 30mm in bulk from us. Free sample. We also provide OEM/ODM.

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