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A Liquid Dispenser Pump is a mechanical pump that dispenses a liquid

Types of Liquid Dispenser Pumps
A Liquid Dispenser Pump is a mechanical pump that dispenses a liquid. The pump's output is determined by its actuators, which move the soap product up when primed and seal the housing chamber when released. Various outputs are available depending on the product, which can be measured in cubic centimeters or milliliters. Different types of liquid dispenser pumps can deliver different outputs.
Crimp pumps
Crimp pumps are popular among manufacturers of fragrance and perfume products because of their premium finish. They can be used to dispense small amounts of liquid, while their design allows for a large surface area for the liquid to spread. Popular uses of crimp sprayer pumps include body sprays, car air fresheners, and eyeglass cleaners. 
Cream pumps
A liquid dispenser pump for cream pumps works by moving the soap product up the actuator and then sealing the housing chamber. Pump output is measured in milliliters (ml) or cubic centimeters (cc) and can be ordered based on the product type. 
Foam pumps
A Liquid Dispenser Pump creates foam without the need for gas propellants. It uses a piston and an integrated dispensing head to precisely mix liquid and air to create foam with each stroke. Foamers are ideal for cosmetic and personal care products. Foamer bottles are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can choose a 50ml bottle with a natural HDPE or clear PET base. You can also find a 125ml pump in a clear base. These are BPA free.
Powder spray pumps
These powder spray dispensers are designed to dispense various cleaning solutions and chemicals. They are compatible with most pails. They attach to containers of all sizes and dispense product into a spray bottle or mop bucket. They also come with a locking nozzle to prevent accidental bursts of powder. This feature prevents product waste and unnecessary clean-up time. Powder spray pumps are also designed for a variety of other applications.
Battery operated dispenser pumps
You will find a great variety of applications for battery operated liquid dispenser pumps. This pump is highly durable and totally eco-friendly. Its parts are made of premium quality PE and PP, which are BPA-free and environmentally friendly. These pumps are also safe to use because they use PE and PP plastic instead of plastic that can leak or overflow. Regardless of the type of liquid you wish to transfer, there is a battery operated liquid dispenser pump for you.