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What Are the Inside Components of a Screw Lotion Pump?

Screw Lotion Pump - What Are the Inside Components of a Screw Lotion Pump?
You probably have a screw lotion pump, and now you've realized that it won't work. The interior components of the pump may differ a little depending on its design. Some may contain additional components to assist in product flow, such as a metal free pathway. These features keep the product from coming into contact with the metal spring. Let's take a closer look at each of these parts. If you're ready to learn more about this type of pump, read on!
Ningbo Shaoshuai Plastic Industry Co., Ltd Screw Lotion Pump is a modern and stylish dispenser that is widely used for liquid hand wash, body lotion, and shampoo. This product comes with different sizes of closure and is available in a variety of colors. These pumps can be used for any type of liquid lotion or shampoo. In addition to lotion, they are suitable for other liquid products like detergent, shampoo, or hand wash. Here are some reasons why it is a good choice for your lotion dispenser.
Lotion pumps operate like an air-sucking device that draws product from the bottle to the consumer's hand. A spring inside the housing forces upward air pressure on the ball, which draws the liquid product into the chamber and dip tube. The spring then returns the piston and actuator to their upright positions. The lid of the chamber then seals to prevent the liquid product from flowing back into the bottle. This initial cycle is called priming.
Lock up lotion pump
The lock up lotion pump is perhaps the most common type of dispenser. Its locking mechanism requires pressure to dispense the liquid into the nozzle, then returns to its original position. Consumers may also choose the lock down style, which has a plastic clip attached to the neck of the pump that detects tampering and serves as a child safety device. All lock up lotion pumps are suitable for a variety of liquid products.
The pump's body is made of PP plastic and can either feature ribs or smooth side surfaces. Some lotion pumps may feature a shiny metal overshell. The pump itself is sealed with a gasket, which helps prevent the product from leaking out. Some pumps even have a reusable rubber stopper that prevents the product from leaking. The pump housing is a crucial part of any lotion dispenser, because it holds the pump's various components in place and prevents leakage.
A locked lotion pump is a great investment for any cosmetics line. Not only is it functional, but it looks great too! This pump is also incredibly affordable, and many stores carry them at wholesale prices. It will help protect your brand from piracy. When it comes to locking your pump, the only real thing to be afraid of is losing the product because it's not secure. A lock up lotion pump is the perfect choice for any situation, whether it's for an expensive product or a personal use.