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There are a variety of sizes of mist sprayer pumps on the market

Mist Sprayer Pump
There are a variety of sizes of mist sprayer pumps on the market. The 20 mm version will fit most bottles, whether they are for body care products or other applications. You can get a corresponding 50 or 100 ml mist pump with the appropriate nozzle for your bottle. For a finer mist, you may want to use a higher-end model with a larger mouth. Those pumps will dispense a very fine mist.
Similarly, mist sprayer pumps come in a variety of sizes and materials. These pumps are ideal for packaging manufacturers, because they can be attached to almost any type of bottle and deliver a leak-proof solution. Moreover, these pumps can even be used to spray product samples. If you are interested in purchasing a mist sprayer pump for your packaging business, make sure to read on. You can find more information on the mist sprayer pump market at iSource Market Research
A mist sprayer mechanism is composed of several parts, including a piston, a housing cap, a stem, and a spring. The actuator presses a plunger or tube to transfer the product from the bottle to the sprayer. The product then travels through the piston and exits through the dip tube, or actuator insert, as it is known. A mist sprayer dip tube is generally much thinner than a lotion pump's dip tube.

Before buying a mist sprayer pump, make sure you know what to look for. Some pumps are better than others and have a few things to look for. For example, if you have a specialized sprayer for weed control, you may want to choose a fine mist sprayer instead. A fine mist sprayer is a convenient alternative to a traditional garden hose and can be used on a variety of plants.
Besides cosmetics, a mist sprayer pump can also be used as a household cleaning agent or for personal care products. The fine mist from a 28/410 mist sprayer pump is ideal for personal care and cleaning products, including air fresheners, insect repellents, hose cleaning sprays, and hairspray. When combined with the right bottle, a mist sprayer pump will make any task easier.

Disinfectant Fluid Trigger Pump 28-410

Material Types Use Characteristic Accept customization Country of origin Province Brand Model
PP/Alum/UV Pump Sprayer Bottles Non Spill Accept China Zhejiang Sunshine 28-410
Custom attributes
Neck size Closure Colour Tube length MOQ Sample Payment Delivery time Packing OEM/ODM
28/400 28/410 Smooth Ribber bamboo As you need Customized Tube 20,000 pcs Free T/T30% deposit 20-25 days 500pcs/ctn Acceptble