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A trigger sprayer pump is a pump used to apply liquids to surfaces

Trigger Sprayer Pump
A trigger sprayer pump is a pump used to apply liquids to surfaces. It has a pump assembly 26 that is enclosed in a multi-part polypropylene housing. The pump contains a spray nozzle 28 and a spinner 27 that moves fluid through the liquid. The nozzle's size can vary from 0.5 to 6 mm, and its shape is usually rounded and radiused on the outside face. A return spring 42 alternates between the trigger 24 and its rest position.
The particle size distribution was determined using the following methods. First, the trigger's actuation force was measured at 40 mm from its pivot. In this case, the actuation force was less than 75 Newtons. In contrast, the peak actuation force at thirty-three percent of full stroke was greater than 30 Newtons, which would indicate a lack of performance loss. For all three case studies, the trigger was actuated with a force of approximately 40 mm.
The trigger sprayer pump is also vulnerable to dirt and grease, which can impair its functioning. By cleaning the trigger sprayer regularly, you can ensure its efficiency and the smooth functioning of the sprayer. When you clean your trigger pump, you can choose a reputable manufacturer and cooperate with them. However, if the cost of the trigger sprayer pump is prohibitively high, it's probably not a good choice. If you're unsure, check the manual of your trigger sprayer to ensure that it's in good condition.
You can also customize the trigger sprayer with an extension nozzle and ergonomic grip. Trigger sprayers are essential tools for cleaning professionals. Proper ergonomics are important to prevent injuries. Depending on the type of work you do, you can choose an extension nozzle and a longer dip tube to reach areas that are difficult to access. Professional trigger pumps are ideal for agricultural weed killers and heavy-duty marine applications. You can even customize a trigger pump to suit your needs.
Moreover, the trigger sprayer pump has two types of operation. In an ideal scenario, the trigger sprayer pump travels the full path of the trigger 24. In an actual usage, it may only dispense liquid in the first third of the path. In the case of the latter, a separate test will be performed so that the trigger sprayer pump can dispense liquid only on the first one-third of its travel.
Some trigger sprayers feature chemical-resistant components. The gasket and the dip tube will be replaced. This feature makes the trigger sprayer suitable for harsh chemical products such as carpet spot cleaners. However, you should be sure of the compatibility of the trigger sprayer before buying one. To find the right trigger sprayer pump, you can do some research. Make sure to test several models and make a comparison. You should not purchase the first one you see.
There are different types of trigger sprayer pumps. Trigger sprayer pumps are used in a variety of liquid products. They are mostly used in cleaning products, including foams, soaps, and sanitisers. But, trigger sprayers are also used in hair-care products, and even in the medical industry to apply pain relief products. So, the trigger sprayer pump is an essential part of the liquid product packaging process.

Disinfectant Fluid Trigger Pump 28-410


Kitchen cleaning、Garden watering、Disinfectant fluid 、Hand washing

Color: Any color can be customized

24/410 、24/415、28/400、28/410、28/415


Ribbed 、  Aluminum 、 UV 、 Bamboo