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There are many different types of trigger sprayers

What Is a Trigger Sprayer?
A Trigger Sprayer is a high-performance tool used to apply liquid chemicals, such as pesticides and other materials, to surfaces. Typically, these sprayers provide 1.0 cc of output per stroke, and they fit into standard spray bottles with a 28/400 neck. In addition, these trigger sprayers come with a 9-inch dip tube fitted with a filter screen to keep dirt and other impurities out of the trigger chamber. They also feature a flexible nozzle that adjusts to the desired spray pattern, and a leak-proof trigger, which makes transportation easier and mess-free.
A Trigger Sprayer is popular among manufacturers of household cleaning products. A COVID-19 pandemic is expected to increase demand for these products in 2020. Trigger sprayers are convenient because they allow users to control how much content is dispensed. The trigger can be adjusted from a fine mist to a jet stream. Trigger sprayers are also available in a variety of colors, which make them easy to identify among various products.
There are many different types of trigger sprayers, but the most common type is a plastic trigger sprayer. They are ideal for disinfecting objects and cleaning surfaces. These sprayers can also be labeled according to their type. You can also choose a sprayer with a color-coded trigger to match your product. Among the many different types of trigger sprayers, there are foaming trigger sprayers that can be categorized into two types: mist trigger sprayers and nozzles.
The plastic trigger sprayers were originally used for distributing liquid products in retail outlets. They were made for water-based liquids, as well as chemicals, and are compatible with various spray bottles. The consumer simply squeezes the trigger to release the liquid and the contents are dispersed. These trigger sprayers are often battery operated. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and are available at a low wholesale price. So, whatever you're looking for in a trigger sprayer, you can find it at Cary Company.

Disinfectant Fluid Trigger Pump 28-415

Material Types Use Characteristic Accept customization Country of origin Province Brand Model
PP/Alum/UV Pump Sprayer Bottles Non Spill Accept China Zhejiang Sunshine 28-410
Custom attributes
Neck size Closure Colour Tube length MOQ Sample Payment Delivery time Packing OEM/ODM
28/400 28/410 Smooth Ribber bamboo As you need Customized Tube 20,000 pcs Free T/T30% deposit 20-25 days 500pcs/ctn Acceptble