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What to Look For in a Trigger Sprayer

If you're in the market for a new trigger sprayer, you've come to the right place. You'll find all the essential components that make up a trigger sprayer system. From the nozzle to the dip tube, there's something for everyone on the trigger sprayer market. Here are some of the most important features to consider when buying your trigger sprayer. Read on to learn more about these critical components and choose the best trigger sprayer for your needs.
Trigger sprayers are designed to easily attach to compatible spray bottles and dispense the liquid. They feature an easy-to-use trigger and adjustable nozzle for precision spraying. Trigger sprayers fit bottles with a 28mm/400 neck finish. You can use one of these sprayers for almost any purpose, from washing windows to cleaning surfaces. A trigger sprayer is made to last and is compatible with a wide range of spray bottles.
Plastic trigger sprayers were originally used as spray pumps to distribute liquid products in retail outlets. They can hold both water-based and chemical-based liquids and are designed to dispense the contents when the consumer squeezes the trigger sprayer handle. Once attached to a compatible spray bottle, a trigger sprayer is a great way to make a wide variety of spray patterns with ease. Some trigger sprayers feature a ribbed surface and a smooth side.

Hand Washing Trigger Pump 28-415

Material Types Use Characteristic Accept customization Country of origin Province Brand Model
PP/Alum/UV Pump Sprayer Bottles Non Spill Accept China Zhejiang Sunshine 28-410
Custom attributes
Neck size Closure Colour Tube length MOQ Sample Payment Delivery time Packing OEM/ODM
28/400 28/410 Smooth Ribber bamboo As you need Customized Tube 20,000 pcs Free T/T30% deposit 20-25 days 500pcs/ctn Acceptble